Records Retention Schedule Development

Is your records retention schedule up to date and legally defensible?

We have done our homework. Our purpose built software contains over 15,000 domestic and international legal citations and ethics opinions and records retention requirements in over 100 countries. This valuable tool allows us to focus on your business with a hands-on, personal, and highly interactive approach. Due diligence is conducted to identify all information types for your business and your needs are clearly defined through surveys and interviews of key stakeholders. We get close to you, share  information, and assure your every question, issue, and concern is answered.


Our first step in developing an up-to-date records retention schedule is to get to know you and your business. We consider your geographical footprint, your industry, your legal profile, and your culture.  Since good retention schedules include information in all media, we conduct due diligence through surveys and interviews of key stakeholders. We sample active and inactive records repositories to assure key information types have been identified and are clearly defined. Once we know your organization, we match the information types to the retention requirements. We do a check for any new citations to ensure our research is inclusive and up-to-date and then compare the legal requirements to the operating retention requirements of your business. Throughout the retention schedule development process we maintain on-going communication through reviews with key stakeholders to ensure we answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.  We also provide annual updates to the schedules and citations so your organization meets a key best practices requirement.


The results of this engagement are a legally defensible retention schedule with supporting documents including all citations, lists of who we interviewed, issues which were raised and resolved along with any recommendations for action.