Technology Selection & Implementation

Do you have the right expertise and experience to select the best record management technology based on your requirements?

Chanico is independent of any software, hardware, or storage provider.  Our 50 years of experience in providing records management solutions gives us the ability to match your needs and requirements to technology vendor capabilities helping you choose the right solutions.  We will provide support with functionality requirements, Requests for Information (RFI), Requests for Proposal (RFP), vendor research and vetting, recommendations concerning system architecture and integration, demonstrations, selection and oversight of professional services providers, pilot project management, data conversion, enterprise software configuration, proof of concept, deployment and overall project and schedule management for a successful solution deployment.


We will work with your internal IT, procurement, legal, and records management resources to develop targeted RFI’s and RFP’s to submit to a pre-qualifed list of vendors. We assist in evaluation by normalizing the vendors’ responses, compiling them into statistical summaries, and ranking the vendors’ offerings based on their likely capability to deliver both the technology and the professional services necessary for a quality solution. The best 2 or 3 vendors are invited to participate in structured demonstrations to a combined evaluation team of Chanico and your resources. After the final recommendation is presented, we will assist with contract negotiation and provide oversight for the install-test-configure and proof of concept work. Once the software is stable, properly configured, and proven functional in your environment we will work with your internal resources to manage the pilot and deploy the solution.


From requirements to deployment we will manage your technology solution to ensure it meets your requirements to reach your records management goals.