Education & Training

Does your staff understand the importance of records management?

Education creates understanding and buy-in for why records management is important to both the organization and the individual. Training applies to building the capabilities to properly use the technology and other tools you have in place. We assess your organization’s industry and risk factors to develop tailored education programs for management and staff based on your organization’s higher level goals and the specific needs of individual departments. We provide flexible, cost-effective options for delivery of both education and training including executive briefings, hosted computer based training and workshops for effective communication to reach the intended audience.


In creating an education strategy and program, Chanico will assess your organization’s industry and risk factors to identify the key messages that must be delivered to executives, managers and end users.  We create the content and then identify the best ways to deliver that content to each specific audience in order to build support and buy in.  In creating the tool-specific training, we create content for each audience that shows them how to use the tools that will enable them to do their jobs better and be more productive as they use information on a day-to-day basis. We leverage current strategies, approaches and internal resources to make both education and training meaningful and as cost-effective as possible. Finally, we will deliver the educational message or the training through executive briefings, hosted computer-based training or workshops and create usable take-aways for all personnel.


Productive personnel who understand the importance of records management to your organization.